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These days, it’s necessary to purchase at the ‘right‘ price. There is a need to reduce costs but maintaining the correct quality. This has been achieved by getting it 'right' and to the location its needed the first time, established during negotiations and forming an important part of the purchase order. Over the last twenty five years, I have focused on purchasing materials while constantly refining processes and reducing costs.
Because I’m flexible, have the experience and knowledge I can, at any one time, be responsible for more than one project. Being familiar with the industry, I keep abreast of improvements and changes occurring with materials and practices (methods used). I’ve consistently been fortunate to complete projects, even with variations, within the time frame given. I’d like the opportunity to show how you can put my background to work for you.

Career Specialism: Administration, Engineering, Customer Service, Driving

Please confirm the appropriate experience range you have in a previous role by using the drop-down menu option: 6+

Looking For: Full Time, Part Time , Working From Home

Looking for work in: East England, Essex, Suffolk

Where are you located?: Frinton on Sea,Essex.CO148UP