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Looking for work that is Part Time, up to 16 hours per week. Experience as a Warehouse Operative, Data Entry, Shop Worker, Delivering. Can also do Gardening or anything to do with numbers.

Good with numbers, efficient, focused, physically fit, lift heavy items.

An innovative, out-of-the box thinker, who values intellectual challenges. Approaches challenges strategically, assessing the situation from all angles. Friendly, warm and committed. Shows enthusiasm. Organized and hard-working. Analytical, curious and open-minded. Open to opportunities to learn and evaluate new ideas and possibilities. Thoughtful and polite. Composed and level headed.

Introverted and modest. Curious and sharp. Organized and relatively compliant. Strategic. Self-confident. Level-headed.

Loves facts and figures.

Career Specialism: Administration, Financial, Charity, IT / Communications, Retail, Part Time, Remote Working, Receptionist, General / Misc

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Looking For: Part Time

Looking for work in: South East

Where are you located?: Worthing