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I am from a medical background and have recently been working testing people for COVID-19. I have had the experience of working in numerous environments during my nursing and as cabin crew as well as retail. I am knowledgeable about the Panademic as well as being compassionate, empathetic and have a good range of interpersonal skills in order to relate to all people no matter what walks of life. If I don’t know the answer to a question I will make sure I find out in order to supply the correct information to the customer. Having e right attitude whether dealing with difficult or friendly customers is paramount, being able to relate to your customer makes a massive difference in the customer returning and using positive word of mouth towards the company.

Career Specialism: Call Centre, Healthcare & Medical, Care, Customer Service, Nurse

Please confirm the appropriate experience range you have in a previous role by using the drop-down menu option: 6+

Looking For: Full Time, Part Time

Where are you located?: Warrington