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Administration, Call Centre, Teaching / Education, Remote Working, Customer Service, General / Misc

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Full Time

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South Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Lanarkshire, Lanark

A dedicated, experienced & successful ecological consultant/surveyor with >20 years of involvement within this sector, delivering numerous wide-ranging consultations & field-works. Due to the necessity of having to radically adjust to rapidly evolving personal circumstances over the past few years by becoming the sole carer for an ill & infirm elderly parent, my perspective on both work/career & life concerns has been transformed. Although I will always have a passion for my past career’s aspects, my outlook is now more geared towards a change in life/work balance that would not only benefit myself, but also hopefully any company/organisation that can make effective use of the varied transferrable skill-set & experience I have gained over the past years. As has constantly been the case throughout my personal & career/work life, I am always eager & willing to learn new skills & techniques, especially as required by such a new work/career change of direction. Taking all this into consideration, it could be felt that such a revision of work/career paths may be difficult to adjust to & be temporary in nature. The former has a possible case, but I am confident the varied knowledge, skills & experience I have gained & willingness to learn more should aid towards limiting any transitional issues. Regarding the latter, I have always been fully committed & dedicated towards any type of work I have undertaken & look forward to all the challenges & learning opportunities this change of course has in store.