Resources For Flexible Workers And Employers

Lawyer to Self Employed Coach - My Story
Date created: 17/12/2012

As a child growing up, I had always dreamt of being a lawyer. I had grandiose ideas of advocating class action lawsuits against morally bankrupt corporations.. read more

Flexible Working Good for Business says Nick Clegg
Date created: 12/11/2012

In a bid to work towards promoting entrepreurism amongst women and a rise in GDP, Nick Clegg has vowed to introduce flexible working hours to the UK.. read more

Workplace flexibility a campaign issue in presedential election according to Wall Street Journal
Date created: 22/10/2012

Workplace flexibility a campaign issue in presidential election according to Wall Street Journal.. read more

Government considers possibility of Mini Jobs in the UK
Date created: 09/01/2012

In a bid to boost employment opportunities in the UK, Conservative MPs are keen to promote the creation of mini-jobs. Designed around a German scheme which was introduced about 10 years ago.. read more

How to make a Flexible Working Request
Date created: 12/08/2012

Flexible working hours can include various options like working part-time, job sharing, working from home, flexitime, or working compressed hours... read more

"Flexible working has made me more efficient and productive" - a case study
Date created: 01/09/2011

Constance has two boys, aged two and four. She works four days a week, and one of those days is based at home.. read more

Flexible Working - an overview
Date created: 01/09/2011

Flexible Working is fast becoming one the buzz terms of the decade. .. read more

The successful British companies making flexible working work for them
Date created: 01/09/2011

Welcome to 21st century Britain. Gone are the days where shrewd managers insisting that staff clock in and clock out.. read more